Get to know us


Animojo.  The magic of animals.  We love animals and we learn so much from their lives and way of living.  We want to share our passion for this fascinating side of nature, in the comfort of our own venues and beyond.


We are fortunate to be surrounded by creatures big and small; you will get to meet them at Animojo. There are some leaders in the pack that you should get to know first:

Matthew The Snake

Wise old mellow guy who may know more than you with a flick of his tongue. He just loves basking in the warmth of the ambassador family, sharing his stories with the young.

Spike The Lizard

Handsome and strong in his muscular orange body, he’s young and energetic and often looking for a challenge; maybe the next thing he’s looking for is you!

Amy The Hedgehog

Everyone’s favorite girl, she loves to snuggle and cuddle, although no one can hold her back when she’s looking for an adventure.

Booboo The Sugar Glider

There’s never a dull moment for this super active flyer, who loves sweets and is even sweeter herself, if only you could ever catch her to know her.

Jabba The Frog

He loves to just hang out and watch the world go by. He is comfortable being less jumpy than others in his species, relaxing on his big belly.


“Goatee” Toni Kingston is a naturalist, conservationist, wildlife photographer and handler. In the last decade plus, he has shared his passion and knowledge in wildlife with children and the general public at over 50 schools and 3000 events. He has been invited by National Geographic TV and BBC, as well as other local and international media, to showcase his unique perspective on wildlife.

“Goatee” Toni presenting the longest species of snake in the world during his work in Southeast Asia